Tomatoes Planting Tips: Best time to plant tomatoes

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Tomatoes Planting Tips. If it is still early to plant your tomatoes outside, you can install them now in your tunnel, because that is where they will grow sooner and longer.

Tomatoes Planting Tips

The soil was fed and even well fed during the winter by a substantial amount of compost; watering, even in winter, prevented the soil from drying out. Let’s not forget, under this tunnel, it never rains, and a dry land impoverishes its bacterial wealth and loses its fertility.

Here are several types of plants. Some will produce large tomatoes, they will be put in front, the most exposed to the sun, and their vegetation, more constrained (cut and pinched very regularly), will not shade those behind, berry tomatoes, of which the vegetation will remain more free. The rows will be 75 cm apart, and on these, the feet will be planted every 50 cm.

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Dig for each plant a hole 30 cm deep, at the bottom of which you will deposit a handful of nettle (small reminder the nettles will decompose before the roots do come run there, they will find a fortifying helping them to resist cryptogamic diseases, which are their worst enemies). On the other hand, two handfuls of soil cover the nettles, because the roots of the tomato plants must not be in contact with the still fresh leaves of the latter. This would have an inhibitory effect, in other words, slow down their growth.

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The seedlings of large tomatoes are driven on twisted stakes; the small-fruited plants on a kind of coarse vine, where their somewhat crazy vegetation can run at its ease.

Tomatoes Planting Tips

At planting, you can cut leaves that touch the ground, in contact with it, cooler and wetter than air, they are more easily affected by mildew. Do not discard these leaves, make a purine that you will use to chase the flea beetle, which ruins the young leaves of turnips or by depositing these leaves near radish seedlings, because they will be a repellent against the fly, including the worms eat away at his flesh, which we love so much to eat.

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