Seven Wonders of Tea Bag Uses in Your Organic Garden

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Tea bag Uses

Seven Wonders of Tea Bag Uses in Your Organic Kitchen Garden

7  Tea bag uses Wonders in Organic Kitchen Garden: We people after preparing Tea to throw off tea bags without knowing that they can create wonders in your garden. As we mentioned they can create seven wonders in your garden.

This is because they contain about 4.15 % of Nitrogen and other components that can enrich your soil. Tea leaves have the potential of improving soil structure and drainage capacity in your garden. Besides tea posses tannic acid that can reduce the pH in your soil.

With these potentialities, they can make various wonders in your garden as listed below. Early Morning Activities in Organic Terrace Garden. 

7 Teabag Wonders in Organic Kitchen Garden:
1. Composting
2. Repel Insects
3. Plant Food
4. Food for Acid-Loving Plants
5. Speed the Composting Process
6. As Fertilizer
7. Best for Your Roses

The miracle that these bags brings in your garden will really take your happiness to the peak. Because your garden starts yielding bountifully. Let us have a brief note on the wonders of Teabags.

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Unknown Advantages of Teabag in Organic Terrace Garden:
In the above section, you have seen the list of useful things of the waste teabag. In this section, we are going to explain them in detail. Hence have a look at the below section to know more about them.

As you already know that tea have good amount of Nitrogen in them they will be the source of composting that you prepare for your garden. The odor from them also attracts beneficiary insects to your garden. But be sure that your tea bags are not made of plastics. If so then you remove the plastic cover and as the tea leaves inside them to the soil of your garden.

Repel Insects:
It is found that Tea leaves have the potential to repel insects. First, you mix your old tea with water. Then sprinkle them over your garden plants. This can repel the insects from your garden to the extent. This is one of the organic methods to deter insects from your garden.

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Plant Food:
Just peel the used tea bags and spread the tea leaves around the plants in your garden. They add Nitrogen to your plants. They possess good absorbing capacity. This helps in retaining the moisture level in the soil. This also supports your plants to beat the heat stress. They also act as the good food source for the earthworms that prevails in your garden.

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Food for Acid-Loving Plants:
It is found that many indoor plants prefer acidic soil to grow. So you can use these used old tea leaves. Because they reduce the pH in the soil and make them acidic. Not only this they also supply them with essential nutrients and minerals.

Speed the Composting Process:
There is another better way of using these used tea bags. You just brew tea with used tea bags. Then pour the liquid and the used tea leaves in the compost that you prepare for your garden. This speed up the composting process. They also make them Nitrogen-rich and make them little acidic.

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As Fertilizer:
As describes above just brew tea with the used bags add water to them. You can use this as liquid fertilizer. They can supply your potted plants with minerals and nutrients and enhance their growth.

Best for Your Roses:
Roses definitely love tea leaves. They boost their growth and flowering. Because they possess a good amount of tannic acid in them. It is easy to use. Just you sprinkle the used tea leaves around your rose plants.

From above we are sure that nothing is waste. You can even build a palace out of waste if you know their potentialities. Same applies to the tea waste.

Build your own empire of the garden with your tea bags by these List of 7 Teabag Wonders in Organic Kitchen Garden.

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