Best Brush Cutter Threads. How to change the thread of brush cutter?

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How to change the thread of a brush cutter

Best Brush Cutter Threads. How to change the thread of a brush cutter?

You have just bought a brush cutter or you have one for some time, but now comes the time to change the nylon thread and you do not know how to proceed?

Here is all the information to help you in this approach which can be scary at first, but which, in itself, nothing complicated. However, if you have any doubt, you can always bring your brushcutter to a specialist, who will do the job safely.


The cutting head wire should be replaced from time to time, otherwise the brush cutter will no longer perform the required work as efficiently. And if you do not change it, it can cause irreversible damage to your gardening tool.

Some important informations of Brush Cutter Threads

First of all, there are two types of brushcutter yarns, square and round. The square section wire is more efficient and sharper than the round section, and it also consumes less energy.

On the other hand, the round section wire is more robust and more durable than the square section.

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In general, the wire has a diameter between 1.3 and 1.6 mm. And according to the brushcutter model and the brand, the cutting head has a single strand or two strands. There are more 2-strand models, which helps to slow wire wear.

For single-stranded wire reels, you will have an average of 5 to 6 meters of wire. While for two-wire coils, you will have about twice 3 meters available.

The steps to follow on How to change the thread of a brush cutter?

First, you need to unplug the device for security reasons. The cutting head is framed by a kind of housing that must be opened. In principle, you will see an arrow indicating in which direction to unlock the cutting head.

The cutting head has three parts: the closure collar, the flexible ring which has two slots, and the coil of wire. It is this coil that must then be removed from its location, and then remove the used wire.

To replace the wire, first cut 5 meters of wire and fold it in the middle (or cut two wires of 2.5 meters each). Then, insert the ends of the two ends of wire into each of the holes.

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Then, it is to wind together the two son, clockwise, then it is to replace the ring, which will maintain the son in place. Then, we must put the coil in the collar, which has two holes, and thus pass the son by these two holes. You just have to put the cutting head back to its original place.

The last step is to test your brushcutter! To do this, pull the strands, or give a dry sweep of the ground with the rotating apparatus. Both strands will then be released.

Selection of threads for Brush cutters: Brush Cutter Wire

1. Alloy Universal Trimmer Head, Alloy Universal Twister Bump Feed Line Trimmer Head, Brush Cutter Thread 

Brush Cutter Threads


Product Features:

  • Takes all trimmer line shapes from 0.080″ to 0.130″ diameter; Less 30-second line twist loading–easy load system, no disassembly required
  • Universal use: Fits for most M10 x 1.25 left-hand thread size straight-shaft brush cutter, strimmer, and lawn mower
  • Universal fit 95% gas trimmer, But We don’t recommend it if you’re equipment is smaller than the 30cc motor. It’s a little heavier than the regular weed eater head
  • Suit for straight-shaft garden pole tools products, Solid and reliable vibration free design to trim tricky edges with precision


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2. Bricoferr bf062 – Thread for Brushcutter (3 mm x 220 metres, Round)

Brush Cutter Threads


Product Features:

  • Round shape
  • Measurements: 3.0 mm x 220 m.
  • Manufactured with a high degree of durability

3. KCPer Trimmer Head Part For Husqvarna 128CD For Poulan Weed Eater PPB330 PP025 & PPB150E,Grass Brush Trimmer Head Cutter

Brush Cutter Threads

Product Features:

  • Less 30 second line twist loading–easy load system, no disassembly required.
  • Simply feed the line into the eyelet, give the head a twist and it’s ready to go.
  • Easy to fit, just screw on to your existing trimmer (left hand thread).
  • Italian Designed and Engineered.
  • Brand New Trimmer Head


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