American Lawn Mower 1815-18 18-Inch Reel Mower

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The Lawn Mower 18 inch four insect, five cutting edge push reel lawnmower is strong, sharp and simple to utilize. The blade sharp tempered compound steel edge reel can be balanced for shifting grass statures from 1/2 to 2-1/4 inches.

American Lawn Mower

With its 10-inch wheels, outspread tires, 2-inch welded bush bar and unbreakable steel side plate, this cutter is tough and simple to move in difficult to achieve territories of your yard.

The delicate froth padded handle gives a more agreeable grasp. Made in China. American Lawn Mower- No Gas! No Oil! No Fumes! The Clean Air Choice! The cost of this item is amazingly sensible.

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  • Cutting statures conform from 1/2 to 2-3/4 inches.
  • Hand pushed reel yard trimmer is strong, sharp, and simple to utilize.
  • 5 tempered combination steel sharp edges with metal roller reel outline; 2-inch welded bush bar outline; get together required.
  • 10-inch haggles tires handle any landscape; pad hold handles for solace.
  • 18-inch cutting width; 2-year restricted guarantee.
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American Lawn Mower

Good Side:

  • The Wheels are Metal and the tires are hard elastic.
  • The cutter benefits an occupation on both sorts of grass.
  • It will cut anything that sticks up.
  • Simple to modify the stature, simply take after directions.
  • It is exceptionally helpful utilizing it.

Not Good Side:

  • There was no real way to significant other the cutting edges effectively.
  • It won’t cut grass right.
  • Only made in China.

 American Lawn Mower 1815-18 18-Inch Reel Mower by American Lawn Mower Company 

Brand American
Package Quantity 1
Product Group Lawn & Patio
Product Type Name OUTDOOR_LIVING
Title American Lawn Mower 1815-18 18-Inch Reel Mower by American Lawn Mower Company

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