All you need to know about the Best Telescopic Ladders

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Best Telescopic Ladders
Best Telescopic Ladders

Best Telescopic Ladders. For work at height, it is often necessary to have a step ladder which in addition to playing its role can serve as scale. And it is precisely to satisfy this need that the telescopic ladders have emerged. Real versatile equipment, these types of stools can be extended to nearly 4 meters and fold into a compact size for easy storage. Find in this article everything you need to know about telescopic ladders.

What is a telescopic ladder?

The telescopic step ladder differs from common step ladders for domestic use, by its use more oriented towards construction sites or installation. Given its shape, it almost identifies with a sort of foldable and portable small scale. It is precisely these last properties that comes to him the telescopic name, in reference to the capacity of its various parts to be nested and to slide on one another, to simplify their storage and their transport. This foldable and foldable structure is also the point of distinction between the telescopic ladder and a normal ladder whose transport is less convenient.

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What advantages?

The first advantage of a telescopic ladder is as mentioned above, its folding and folding nature.

Best Telescopic Ladders

You will agree that a ladder of nearly 4 meters that can be transported in a condensate of just 90 cm is very convenient to save space in his trunk.

The other advantage of the telescopic ladder lies in its two modes of use. Indeed, it can initially be lengthened to its maximum length and be used as a scale in due form, with the stability and maintenance that are required.

In a second step, the telescopic ladder can be partially lengthened thus reaching half of the maximum height in ladder mode. For this mode of use, it adopts the form of a double step ladder with steps on both sides for better mobility and greater manoeuvrability.

How to choose a best telescopic ladder?

The first criterion to consider when choosing a telescopic ladder is the maximum height that can be reached once unfolded. For this purpose, the models available on the market generally fall into three broad categories: from 74 cm (folded) to 260 cm (unfolded); from 80 cm to 320 cm and from 86 cm to 380 cm. The choice must be made according to your needs.

The second parameter to consider is security. Indeed, when it comes to bending and unfolding the tool that must maintain height, it must be ensured that the latter is made of good materials and that its joints are very strong. In this case, we advise you to prefer the telescopic ladders in steel or anodized aluminum. Also make sure the tool complies with all applicable safety standards.

Finally, the last element to take into consideration is the choice of the range. You can find telescopic stools of 50 € and more than 500 €, all depending on the capacity and the brand. In this regard, here are some reference manufacturers: LBH, Silex, Linxor, Varan, Grafitek, etc.

OxGord Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Best Telescopic Ladders

Product Features:

  • Non-slip foot grips
  • Safety “Locking” feature, with an anti-pinch function
  • Certified EN131, CE and SGS
  • Extendable up to 12.5 Feet
  • Easy to extend and collapse
  • Max weight Capacity:330 lbs


Feel like a giant and reach unexpected heights with this ladder that extends up to 12.5 feet and can be used at an angle of 75 degrees. It’s ideal for cargo, households, offices, & to access rooftops and for large buildings.


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